Monday, March 16, 2020

Twelve Years from the Repose of Metropolitan Laurus

Met. Laurus on the day of his Consecration
Today marks twelve years since the repose of His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus. On the Sunday of Orthodox 2008 Vladyka failed to appear at the entrance of the cathedral at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY. The clergy went to his skete to gather him and found that he had peacefully reposed during the night. I still remember that day. We found out at the end of the Liturgy and we had the great honor to serve a memorial service right then and there – while everyone was still in the church. Yes – we do not do memorial services on Sundays. But there is an exception to every rule, and if we would not have served the service I am convinced that the faithful would have begun to sing the pannykhida hymns extemporaneously in any case...

It is difficult to overstate the impact that Vladyka had on the Russian Orthodox Church, and the impact that he continues to have. It is impossible to imagine that the reconciliation of the Russian Church could have happened without Vladyka’s moral leadership. His Eminence served in our parish in 2006 with Archbishop Peter and Bishop Longin for our 25th anniversary. You can find those pictures here:


An excellent article was posted about Metropolitan Laurus on the English site of Sretensky Monastery today and it is well worth your time to read:


Fr. Gregory Ordination to the Deaconate
Many venerate the memory of Vladyka, and I would second that initiative. Saints are generally glorified only after 100 years or so from their repose, so if Metropolitan Laurus is glorified some day we will not be here to witness that, but we can hope that we will be with him in the Heavenly Kingdom by then and so the glorification would not be a surprise to us at all. If he is a saint it is important to understand that even saints make mistakes. Only God Himself is perfect. And perhaps Vladyka’s glorification will take place only after 200 years, since he did ordain me. But God is merciful, and we can hope that He will forgive even this!

Fr. Gregory Ordination to the Priesthood
Please remember Vladyka in your prayers on this day – and always. We can have great hope that he is also praying for us, his small flock struggle to swim in the great ocean of lost souls in North America. Perhaps if we can emulate his earnest service to God and man in some small way, begun when he entered the monastery in Ladimirova as a young boy, we can attract some of those lost souls to the saving Ark of the Holy Church by our example and through God’s Grace. Let us truy – let us strive! May the merciful Lord grant it!

Fr. Gregory

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