Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Prayer in the Time of Coronavirus

It is important for us to pray. To focus. To have something that we can do rather than just sit all day and think about viruses coming to get us when we aren’t looking. :) Obviously that is not how the virus works. If we social distance we save lives. Period. But the verb “to social distance” is, at its very best, passive. We are not passive beings! We need to act! This prayer was approved by the Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The English is our translation and I thank those that helped with this! I STRONGLY suggest that each of us read this prayer every day at 2:00 p.m. If you can’t read it then – read it ANY time. At least once.

Approved by the Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Metropolitan Onuphry, Primate

Let us not forget that it is Great Lent. On weekdays of Great Lent we read the prayer of St. Ephraim with prostrations. You can find that prayer here:


Let’s not let this virus and the passive role we are being asked to play in this war lull us to sleep spiritually! Be zealous! Pray for those who are in need! Our parish prayer list is here – health care workers are on page one:


That is all for today. Pray. Use this time the Lord has given you to strive to acquire good spiritual habits! First of all: prayer. Push yourself. Struggle. Try. Ask God’s help. Repeat. Your prayer will improve as you struggle and as you practice. We are not looking for experiences during prayer. We are not looking for or using emotion in prayer. Strive for peace, quiet, sobriety, focus. Remember that God was not seen by the Prophet Elijah in the wind
or the earthquake or the fire, but in the quiet after the storm (I Kings 19). And please – pray for me as well.

Fr. Gregory

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