Saturday, January 9, 2021

Fr. Joseph Towne is Among Us

 We were very happy to have Fr. Moses and his family with us during their time here. And very happy that Archbishop Peter gave them an opportunity to move to Austin, Texas. For those who do not know, the parish there has purchased a new building since Fr. Moses arrived and they will soon be turning this building into a traditional Orthodox Temple. Thank God – it seems that this move was in accordance with God’s will!

And we are very happy to have Fr. Joseph Towne join us now that Fr. Moses and family have moved to Austin. Many of you know Fr. Joseph – after he was ordained a few years ago he spent significant time with us here in Ann Arbor. He then went on to serve in several parishes in our diocese. We needed help in our busy and growing parish after Fr. Moses left, and Fr. Joseph had the flexibility to move to us sinners again and take up a permanent position here. This is a great blessing to our parish! Fr. Joseph likes to serve the Divine Services, and we here are thankful to have frequent Divine Services since they are so helpful in our spiritual formation and the deepening of our parish spiritual life. This makes Fr. Joseph a very good fit for our parish! And Fr. Joseph’s arrival essentially gives us two full-time priests in our parish, which is also a great blessing!

Most of the time priests are either married or monks. But not always. And Fr. Joseph is neither married nor a monk. And this is allowed. If anyone has questions about this I urge you to ask them of me – but there is no need to interrogate Fr. Joseph in this regard. :) He is comfortable with his situation and Archbishop Peter has blessed him to serve in our parish and in our diocese. And thank God for that!

Please join me in welcoming Fr. Joseph to our parish family! It is my hope that he will serve us for many, many years. And I know that he will add great value to our parish family. I am personally very thankful that he has been able to come to us and I very much look forward to working with him for as many years as the Lord gives us in His Vineyard, the Holy Church. 

Fr. Joseph is named after the Righteous Joseph the Betrothed, and celebrates his name’s day on the Sunday following the Nativity of the Lord. Please add Fr. Joseph to your prayer list, as I hope you have added me. For we both need your prayers, as do our Deacons and our other clergymen, and we all appreciate your prayerful support!

Asking Your Prayers,

Fr. Gregory