Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ukraine Days 1 & 2

Day 1 of my trip to Ukraine was flying in at mid-day after travelling from Detroit to Paris, and then from Parish to Kiev. Archbishop Peter was waiting for me in the Kiev airport - he had landed about 30 minutes before me. Nice flights. No complaints at all in that regard. We got settled in the very nice Kiev Caves Monastery guest house, had a bite to eat, unpacked, and then I did a little church shopping at a wonderful little shop not far from the guest house. After that a bit work, and then to sleep according to the time one should sleep in Ukraine - not in Michigan. :)

Effectively Day 2 of my trip to Ukraine can be found at the reports below:

Archbishop Peter Meets with Students of the Kyiv Theological Academy & Seminary

Pastoral School Signs Partnership Agreement with the Kyiv Theological Academy & Seminary

Although I wasn't trying to be coy about why I was going on a very short trip to Ukraine, still, I think it is not a good Orthodox Christian practice to count any chickens before they are hatched, so to speak, since the Lord sometimes wants to teach us a memorable lesson from time to time that can over-ride our own brilliant plans. So I didn't make a lot of noise about this trip before I left since I wanted to leave the final execution up to the Lord's merciful providence. He deigned that we would sign the agreement noted above and I am very thankful for that. This provides another opportunity for our Pastoral School students to pursue a higher education if they so choose, and for the students and the faculty of the school to continue the ongoing process of the reconciliation of the Russian Church, the 10th anniversary of which will be celebrated on the quickly approaching feast of the Ascension this year. The day ended with a very nice meal hosted by Metropolitan Anthony, the Rector of the Kyiv Theological Academy and Seminary, my opposite at the Academy (Fr. Sergei Yushik), Archbishop Peter, and myself.

Information on Day 3 will be posted soon! Please pray for us as we travel. God-willing I return to Michigan on Saturday afternoon.

Fr. Gregory

Note that more pictures can be found at the links above.