Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Farewell to the Vershynin Family

Dear St. Vladimir Parish Family,

Christ is Risen!

As we continue to rejoice in the Resurrection of our Lord and to greet each other with this beautiful Paschal greeting, I must share with you some sad news for our parish. Our Choir Director, Roman Vershynin, has taken a position at the University of California Irvine and will be leaving Ann Arbor this July. Roman has been an excellent Choir Director for our parish, continuing the very strong tradition of Liturgical singing that has been a hallmark of our parish from its founding in 1981.

The move to California is a reasonable and logical choice for Roman and his family, and I know I speak for our entire St. Vladimir family when I say I will miss them all, and I sincerely wish them all the best in their endeavors in California! Please do not forget that Lilia has been leading our Church School efforts for even longer than Roman has been directing the choir. They will both be missed greatly.

The search for a new Choir Director and a new Church School Coordinator are already underway, and with Roman and Lilia’s help I am hopeful that we will have a smooth transition in both positions. One of the wonderful things about our parish being so connected to our local universities is that many new people come to our parish as they come to the universities. But of course, students graduate, graduate students and professors sometimes move on to new opportunities. We hope that all who leave take with them a little piece of our St. Vladimir’s family when they go, and plant that seed of good wherever the Lord takes them on their journey towards salvation. Once you are a St. Valdimirian you are always a St. Vladimirian, and we will always consider Roman, Lilia, Vanya, and Sasha part of our parish family! May the Lord reward them in this life and the next for all the good they have done for our parish and our parishioners!

With Love in the Risen Christ,

Fr. Gregory

P.S. A farewell event will soon be scheduled and this information shared with the parish family.

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