Wednesday, May 25, 2016

On the Road

With Bishop Peter's blessing I will be in Russia beginning today (after Liturgy at St. Vladimir's for the feast of Mid-Pentecost) through June 3. There are a lot of important things happening in the Church this time of year. And thus Fr. Joseph Towne has been kind enough to join us at St. Vladimir's during my absence. Please welcome Fr. Joseph home warmly! The schedule of services will continue unabated while Fr. Joseph is with us, so please do plan to join us regularly at St. Vladimir's!

In an emergency please reach out to our Starosta, Nathan Longan ( or 734-678-8042). Nathan will contact Fr. Joseph and make sure he is there to care for you if there is a special need. If you need me personally please text or email me – I'll get those in Russia and get right back to you. You can also find me on What's App, Viber, and Skype. Nathan can also help you get to me, as can Yuliya Rodzianko ( or 440-785-6131).

Fr. Gregory Contact Information:

Cell/SMS/What's App/Viber: +1-734-649-5746
Skype: gregorypjoyce
Twitter: @ogrishajoyce

My trip to Russia is going to be a busy one, starting with the 425th anniversary of the martyrdom of Prince Dimitry of Uglich, work in Moscow, visiting the Davydovo summer camp for special needs children and their families that we have been supporting in our parish for some years, and also work in St. Petersburg. In Moscow and St. Petersburg I will meet with potential supporters of our building project. People in Russia have been especially interested in the Day School portion of our project in the past, and I expect that would be the case this trip as well.

Parts of the trip may be, I think, interesting for our parishioners. Not so much that I am interesting, but my travels really might be, and so I am going to do my best to cover my travels here on Blogtushka. How quickly I can post things depends on how easy it is for me to access the internet there. But I am tasked with covering the celebrations in Uglich for the Orthodox Christian Network, so I am going to have to figure this out!

I ask your prayers for safe travels!

Fr. Gregory

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