Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Evangelism is as Simple as a Quiet Conversation


I would like to continue our discussion about Orthodox Evangelism here. I am going to try to post something on Blogtushka each Wednesday. Mostly in this regard, but certainly we will discuss other things. Please pray for me that I get this important job done.

There are certain sorts of tactics in conducting evangelism that take time, treasure, and talent to execute. The Russian Festival is one of those things. But there are other things that DO NOT take much time, treasure, or talent to execute. One of those is the sharing of business cards. I’d like to start our renewed evangelism efforts with this simple tactic. I have lots of business cards. So does Fr. Moses. We do not buy business cards to save them – we buy them to share them! And it is SO POWERFUL when parishioners share these business cards with friends. If your friends know that you are attending St. Vladimir’s they are going to ask you about it. That is the way that things work in America – people want to have these sorts of conversations. And to be honest: there are MANY people who are quietly, almost ashamedly, looking for a place to worship on Sunday morning. A recent poll indicated that 80% of people in America would attend church on a Sunday morning IF THEY WERE JUST ASKED! But to make this even easier, share a business card and say something like “...check out our web site and then let me know if you’d like to go with me to church some Sunday – I would be happy to have you join me anytime.” If we don’t ask we are essentially keeping our loved ones away!

This is the sort of evangelism that is normal for Orthodox people. We don’t go door to door and attack people in their homes or attack them on the streets. But to have a quiet and pleasant conversation with a friend and encourage that friend to join us on Sunday morning (not to go alone, but to go WITH US) is fully in line with us sharing the good news of the Gospel. Or to put it another way: to share the cure for death! Because that is what the Lord brought us – the cure for death. For with Christ there is no death, but only eternal life. This is what people want! This is what they are seeking! And if we give them an opportunity to find it – they will grab on to it with both arms!

This Sunday we will have big stacks of business cards – both mine and Fr. Moses’ - on the literature table. Take some of each and use them! Give them to friends, loved ones, co-workers. Give them with love – the love of Christ that you have within you. And with a warm invitation to have them join you on some coming Sunday morning. If the person is already involved in a church and can’t come Sunday – invite them for Saturday evening services! And if they can’t do that – invite them for Wednesday evening services! But YOU have to put skin in the game. You can’t ask them to come without you. Everyone needs a little hand-holding as they approach the Lord. YOU are called to do that hand-holding.

Grab business cards this Sunday! If you miss it – grab them next Sunday. Or ask us – we are HAPPY to give away our business cards for the glory of God. May He strengthen you as your work to spread His love to your close ones!

Asking Your Prayers,

Fr. Gregory

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