Friday, August 30, 2019

Church School Year begins September 21

On August 22 our Church School faculty met with our Church School Coordinator, Alexandra Pyrozhenko. The meeting was marked by a spirit of cooperation and with great zeal to execute the ministry of teaching our children and young adults the important aspects of their faith they will need to persist as active members of the Holy Church as adults. The Church School Year will begin on September 21, on the feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos. That day all Church School students are invited to attend the Divine Liturgy, partake of the Holy Mysteries, and prepare a gift for the Mother of God: a poem, a song, art work, etc. - each child should use the talents the Lord has given him or her to prepare a gift for our most important intercession before the Lord.
Many interesting and significant events will mark our Church School sessions this year in addition to classroom instruction: pilgrimages, the annual Gospel Collegium, the annual Halloween alternative, prosphora baking, prayer rope making, children’s Liturgies, and much more! All children of the parish should be enrolled in the Church School - even those who are home schooled. Home schooled children get more instruction in their faith than those who are not as a rule, but Church School is a lot more than just classroom instruction! It is about learning about our faith WITH OUR PEERS and growing bonds of friendship that can only be grown between those who share our Orthodox Faith. Those with questions should contact me or our Church School Coordinator, Alexandra Pyrozhenko ( ~ 315-480-3165)
To register for Church School please visit this link:

We all look forward to the best Church School Year EVER! Join us to make that desire come true!
Fr. Gregory

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